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"You truly are the best SEO Company I have ever worked with. You are a person of your word, you said top 10 placement and we got it." — Jason Walker, Website Owner Victoriaplumb.com.
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  • Improved SE visibility by 300%
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    Top 10 Ranking on Google or You Don’t Pay

    You heard it right, First page ranking or Don't Pay!

    Wow, that should be enough to catch your attention, but wait what if we had told you, we don’t even bill you until your site is on the first page of Google for your target keywords! What's even more amazing you keep your first page ranking after the 6 month contract expires and you don't owe us anything. Interested?

    Our CEO got very anxious when we announced our Guaranteed SEO Services to the public, but over the years our team of SEO experts have proven to our clients and to our partners that a Top 10 Ranking guarantee is indeed possible by following white hat SEO techniques.

    We know you are running business for profit and throwing money out the window is not a smart business move, but by hiring any other SEO company you are doing exactly that. You are most likely risking loosing your investment since they don’t offer any performance guarantee.

    Pay for Performance Only

    We know a lot of our competitors will hate us for saying this but…a Top 10 Ranking can be guaranteed on Google.

    Top 10 Ranking
    95% Success Rate

    Go Ahead, Ask SEO Companies About Ranking Guarantees!

    Other SEO companies will most likely tell you this; "Since Google can’t guarantee any specific ranking results for any site a SEO company also can’t make any guarantees." Yes, it's true Google doesn't guarantee your sites ranking, but that doesn't mean you should take all the risk when you sign a SEO contract.

    Or you may get an answer like this; "We will guarantee at least 20 top 10 rankings within 6 months across the major 15 search engines or your money back". Here is the translation, if you are wondering.
    They don't guarantee rankings on the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing, but instead they guarantee ranking on search engines you most likely never even heard of. Do you think search engines you never heard of will bring any visitors to your site? The real deal is Google, and you owe to yourself to insist on an SEO guarantee for the first page of Google.

    We are the only SEO company in the world that guarantees a Top 10 Ranking on Google. If you have even the slightest doubt about your SEO company’s competence or considering hiring a SEO company to optimize your website you owe it to yourself to submit a FREE no obligation quote request. We don’t want to brag, but just take a look at our clients search engine ranking results.

    Let See Together What’s Possible for Your Website

    Our SEO Services plans are as simple as 1-2-3

    1. First, we’ll help you pick the keywords with the highest possible number of searches on Google and we’ll take a close a look at the search results landscape.
    2. As a first step will run an initial ranking query to see where your site is ranked in the search results on Google. We’ll also uncover your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to help us formulate a site optimization and link popularity building plan.
    3. After you accept the terms of our contract we’ll begin work on your site within 48 hours.
    4. Prices start at only $300 USD a month per keyword phrase once your site is on the first page of Google.

    The only thing you have to do wait for the top 10 ranking results to roll in. In our experience the average sites take 4-6 months to achieve a top 10 ranking on Google.
    Contact us today 647-948-5789 or submit a quote request to find out more.